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  • Everyone is just fine
    In a year where everyone is most certainly not fine, we sure do a whole lot of saying we are.  And I get it. When I get on yet another Zoom call and the person asks, “How are you?” saying “I’m fine, how are you?” is the simplest, politest answer. After all, “I’m stuck inContinue reading “Everyone is just fine”
  • Communicate with Empathy for Stronger Communities
    At the end of last year, I wrote about the importance of empathy, and a few things I learned around practicing empathy. It’s one of my favorite topics, and I’m so excited to be giving a talk on that today at CMX Spark EMEA. It’s a short talk for a big topic, so this postContinue reading “Communicate with Empathy for Stronger Communities”
  • #WPAMA with WPBuffs
    I sat down with Allie Nimmons and had a wonderful time answering questions about the WordPress community and building community in general. Allie hosts WP AMAs every Wednesday. Join future AMAs to ask questions of other WordPress professionals!