Things left unsaid

I talk to strangers. Regularly. Especially when I travel.

I suppose it is poetic that our lives touch in brief glimpses, and that we walk away having learned something about the other, most likely to never see each other again. In these moments, when we don’t have a comfortable familiarity, I sometimes leave wishing that I had said that one thing.

To the person sitting behind me on that flight, it’s a touchscreen, not a poke-aggressively-screen.

To the Mexican-American woman from Houston, in discussing politics with you, and was simultaneously unsurprised and disappointed that you’ve experienced such an increased level of racism in your own community.

To the Lyft driver who said that your favorite doughnuts were from a specific store, and had I been there before? I was honest when I said that yes, I’d been there before, but I lied, I’ve had better doughnuts. You were just so excited and I didn’t want to put a damper on your happiness.

To the person who kept speaking to me and everyone else around you, no one wanted to speak to you because you had very bad travel breath. We’ve all been there. Next time, take the piece of gum I offer you, please? You seemed like fun otherwise. 

To the person who somehow managed to take and check approximately 10 million selfies during the course of a 1.5 hour flight, I hope you found the right one to post on social media. 

To the Lyft driver who listened to 1999 on repeat, you know it is 2019 right? Also, that was a terrible cover!

To the very sassy flight attendant, your safety demonstration was the best I’d ever seen, and I wish that more people enjoyed their jobs the way you seemed to enjoy yours. Seriously, better than Britney in Toxic.

To the airport bartender who thought it was “cute” that a woman liked to drink whiskey, you’re a sexist jerk, and I didn’t appreciate that you gave me a light pour because you didn’t think I could handle it. I was fully sober, and I get to be the judge of what I can handle. 

To the person who sat next to me on the bumpiest flight ever, I didn’t mind that you grabbed my hand. I was nervous and missed my loved ones too.

To the Lyft driver who was watching a movie while driving, just stop it. Please? No seriously, STOP!

To the person who tried your very best to stay within the confines of your airline seat, I leaned away to try to give you extra space. You looked very uncomfortable and I hope my leaning in the opposite direction didn’t give you any negative feels.

To my Lyft driver who shared numerous, lurid details about your many health issues, that all sounds terrible, and oh my gosh you massively over share. 

To the person who laughed really, really loudly while watching Wreck It Ralph, you laughed so hard, I planned on watching it on my next flight. But then they took it off, and I was so sad that ensuing flight. 

To the Lyft driver who encouraged me to sing along, I’ll always think of you every time I hear Low Rider

Photo credit courtesy of unsplash-logoKristina Flour