I’d like to amend the adage “Time flies when you are having fun” to simply:

Time flies.

Many people, everywhere

In the two years that we’ve been married, we’ve circumnavigated the world, on top of numerous trips for business and pleasure. We each picked up a significant promotion, and each made a major job change. We undertook a move from one hemisphere to the other. And those are just the big things.

Each moment felt forever, but when I look back, it feels like no time at all.

It feels silly to have a hard time summarizing two years of marriage. After all, it’s only been two years. In trying to do so, what bubbles to the surface is all the feelings around all the attempts to move life forward.

I suppose it could be surmised as a potent cocktail of elation and stress, with a grenadine-sweet layer of love that oddly brings it all together. Not typically my cocktail of choice, but I suppose that the chaos of life can only aspire to be as complexly cohesive as good whisky.

We celebrated with a weekend trip to San Sebastián, a picturesque town in Basque Country. It was our first “local” trip since moving to Madrid, and oh-so-perfect. We spent a day wandering around the city and lounging on the beach, and a day hiking from Donostia to Pasaia, over Monte Ulia. Dane and I looked into theories on the origin of the Basque language and made up a few of our own, and debated the best way to eat the particularly laden (and delectable!) pintxos.

I’m ready for whatever adventure year three holds.

Want to see photos of our trip? Check some out here!