I’m an oddball

This is a list of odd things about me that I fully embrace.

  1. I always go out of my way to step on a crunchy-looking leaf. There is nothing quite like a satisfactory leaf crunch.
  2. I am unsure of myself 90% of the time. I’m good at hiding that, asking lots of questions, and figuring out action items.
  3. I mutter to myself when I walk around alone. It’s because I’m trying to practice saying something in a different language, or I’m trying to commit something to memory. This becomes especially pronounced as I get closer to some public talk, as I add in hand gestures.
  4. I regularly question whether I am self aware. Take that to mean what you will.
  5. I fidget like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know why, I just cannot sit still, and I watch how everyone else sits still and I just don’t get it.
  6. I always wake up before my first alarm. I don’t always get up with my first alarm, however, even though the alarm is labeled: “Get your lazy a** out of bed already.”
  7. I always hate my hair.
  8. Like Monica Geller, I balance a clean home with a secret closet. Maybe two. And a drawer.
  9. I love design and style. I love it all to the point where my personal design and style simply doesn’t feel cohesive.
  10. Every time I publish a post, I read it and make an edit. And then I think about email subscribers and how they may never see that edit.