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  • Maps without New Zealand

    Maps without New Zealand

    In which I have a map on my wall sans New Zealand

  • My latest fascination

    My latest fascination

    As I delve into my photography kick, I am becoming fascinated with light. I stand awkwardly with camera in hand and observe the way light filters through one medium, or is blocked by another. Then, I scrunch my face as I hold my camera up to my eye and futz with the aperture, contemplating how […]

  • Happy Chinese New Year 2019

    Happy Chinese New Year 2019

    Happy New Year! According to one legend, Pig overslept on the day of the Jade Emperor’s party, and thus was the twelfth and last to arrive. Perhaps that explains my brother’s proclivity for sleeping in. On the other hand, my mom insists that since it is the year of the pig, all pigs will bring […]

  • Fire


    i do not want to have youto fill the empty parts of mei want to be full on my owni want to be so completei could light a whole cityand theni want to have youcause the two of us combinedcould set it on fire Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey I read Milk and Honey on a flight […]

  • Denver Dazzled

    Denver Dazzled

    It was a trip in which I rediscover just how stunningly wonderful good friends are and the importance of quality time. It’s a truth I’ve always known, but one that I delight in recognizing time and time again. I visited Denver this past weekend to meet some wonderful ladies who have, in recent years, moved […]

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