San Sebastián

Photos from our weekend in San Sebastián.


I have a vision of a plant filled apartment, but my track record of taking care of plants is, well, abysmal at best. This may turn into a very expensive, non-lucrative hobby. Dane picked out this lovely croton (look at me, learning about plants! 🥳) and named it Fuego. And yes, expect more photos of […]

Love Series #3

I spotted a Dane out in the wild. He was on his phone, trying to download an app for the local bikeshare. I snuck up on him quietly so that he wouldn’t run off while I snapped this photo.

New Neighborhood

It’s official: we’ve moved from Seattle to Madrid!

Marlon Bundo

In this s#!%storm of a political climate, I appreciate people like John Oliver who come up with stuff like this. We were gifted a copy of Marlon Bundo, and read it to friends’ kids as often as possible. The story is delightful and heartwarming. If you want your own copy, visit

Love Series #2

O my Luve is like a red, red rose    That’s newly sprung in June April Original poem 🙃 Also, how the heck is it April already?!


I love Pike Place Market‘s expansion. Dane and I have a market charm there with our wedding date.

Love Series #1

In which I explore photographing humans. Meaning Dane is my reluctant muse

Rip City

Dane really wanted to visit Portland to see the Mavericks play the Trail Blazers. While I’m not a big basketball enthusiast, it was a fantastic date and we both enjoyed the game. I questioned why they call the Trail Blazers “Rip City” and Dane, ever the fountain of esoteric knowledge, knew the answer. Bill Schonely, […]


The first guest photo! And from who else but Dane, exploring the wonder that is the iPhone X camera.